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Thought leadership and SEO content each serve their own unique purpose. 

I help companies increase their traffic from Google.

Help With Your Hustle

When I’m not writing on behalf of other companies, I’m running an SEO content optimization agency. 

Check us out at helpwithyourhustle.com

Free SEO Course

Want to vet my knowledge and capabilities before hiring me?

The best way is to take my free 5-day “intro to SEO” course at FreeSEOCourse.co

Increase your leads. Increase your revenue. Forever and onward.

Because fancy content doesn’t mean anything if nobody ever finds it.

My competitive Advantages

Fast and Efficient

Typical turnaround time within 48 hours per article. 


I’ve been in SEO and content marketing since 2016, and writing since 2007. 

Consulting Expertise

You provide the goals, I’ll get us the rest of the way there.

Content strategy and execution included. 

Sensible Rates

We only work together if there’s ROI in it for you.

We’ll discuss all ranges of outcomes, and make it worth your while. 

Friendly & Reliable

Transparent, candid, and professional back-and-forth throughout. 

Interview-based direction

I’ll plan the content based on good SEO opportunities, then interview you to learn what you know so I can write all content from a place of knowledge. 

My Clients Say

60 Day Warranty on All Services

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

You provide the brief. I provide the content, the SEO optimization, and advise on strategy.

If you don’t like what I’ve created, you’ll have 60 days to request edits to ensure I get it right. 

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